Serve Teams

Our Serve Teams are groups of people who have discovered their God-given talents and giftings and are actively serving in them. From creating a welcoming environment by serving on a Hospitality Team, to leading the next generation to Jesus by serving on a Children's Ministry Team, to creating a dynamic worship experience with the Worship Team, we are a group that actively seeks to advance the Kingdom of God.

Ready to start doing what God has uniquely called you to do? Check out our list of serve teams below then

contact the church office for details on how we can connect you to a team that's perfect for YOU!

Adult Sunday School

Team Leaders: Ben Teer

The Adult Sunday School Ministry is targeted and designed for our saints over 45. All of our teachers have been trained and are dedicated to instilling Christian principles into this age group. 

Bible Quizzing

Team Leader: Courtney Henson

Bible Quizzing is a ministry for youth ages 5 -18 years old and is based on the memorization and application of the Word of God. The quizzing season runs from September to May.

Children's Ministry

Team Leader: Farrah Bunch

We want your kids to love church. That’s why we are committed to creating safe and fun environments where your children are taught about the Bible and the love of Jesus through relevant, age-appropriate kids services. Our ultimate hope is to see a generation of children come to know God at an early age.

Content Creators

Team Leader: Casey Whatley

Our graphics team uses their giftings in art and creativity to ensure we have visuals available for sermons, announcements, and social media.

Food Ministry

Team Leader: Falen Starns

This team has a heart for service and ensures we have food prepared and served for events which require it. 


Team Leader: Nancy Teer

This team loves people and makes them feel at home here at Grace Church. They welcome guests with a warm smile and assist them in any way they can. 

Ladies Ministry

Team Leader: Paula Murphy

Our ladies ministry provides biblical solutions for women while encouraging them to know Jesus, to seek His kingdom and be spiritually transformed and equipped for service.

Ministry Team

Team Leader: Pastor Murphy

Led by Pastor Murphy, this team has spiritual oversight of Grace church through a variety of activities including leading church services and ministering to the congregation. 


Team Leader: Brooke Sandlin

With a love for children and a heart of service, our nursery team oversees the youngest Grace members so that their parents can enjoy our services, serve teams, or small groups. 

Prayer Ministry

Team Leaders: Pastor Murphy, Melanie Tipler

Our prayer ministry team teaches us how to pray and how foster a more healthy lifestyle of prayer. Anyone who wishes to participate is welcome to join us on Tuesday mornings at 10am in the sanctuary on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Tuesday of the month. If evening works better for you, join us on the FIRST Tuesday of each month for prayer at 7:30pm in the main sanctuary.

Production Team

Team Leader: Chris Whatley

Our production team enables and supports the ministries of Grace through a variety of responsibilites. These responsibiliies are divided amongst three distinct teams: Audio, Live Stream and Media/Lighting.

Production Team - Audio

Team Leader: Chris Whatley

The audio team uses their giftings in audio engineering to support our worship and ministry teams. They also work with our other production staff to ensure our Grace podcasts, live stream and service archives are available online. 

Production Team - Live Stream

Team Leader: Jonathan Adams

The Live Stream team films, records and broadcasts our services to ensure anyone who is not able to attend in person can enjoy our Grace church services in a digital environment. 

Production Team - Media & Lighting

Team Leader: Nathan Henson

Our Media and Lighting team supports our worship and ministry staff by ensuring any song lyrics and sermon elements are available and displayed. They are also tasked with creating a environment conducive to authentic worship for our Grace church services through lighting and media components. 


Our security team is trained and prepared to defuse any situation that would require intervention to maintain a safe worship environment. While often undercover and behind the scenes, their impact can be felt every time we gather together in worship. 


Team Leader: Kelton Noce

Our team of ushers prepare people for a comfortable worship experience by welcoming guests, receiving the offering and managing facility needs during our service times. 

Worship Team

Team Leader: Casey Whatley

The worship team begins our services by creating a dynamic environment of genuine worship for everyone to encounter the presence of God. Driven by a spirit of excellence, they are always looking for new ways to give God the adoration He deserves.  If you are gifted in singing or are musically inclined then the worship team is an opportunity to give those gifts back. 

Youth Ministry

Team Leaders: Dave Bunch

Ranging from middle school through college, our youth ministry strives to teach Biblical principles, build character, and to grow young men and women in integrity, equipping them to go out and impact their world. Through fellowship opportunities, Bible classes, small groups, and mentoring, they are ministering and equipping the next generation. If you have a heart for helping the next generation then this group is for you!