Grace offers a variety of small groups to allow you to connect with others of similar interests. See below for a list of our currently active small groups. Reach out to the church office or the group leader if you are interested in participating.


    The bridge

    The Bridge is a ministry for women at Grace, their friends, and women in our community.  The focus of this ministry is for  every woman of every generation  to know  she is significant, valued, and important. 

    Leader: Ethel Teer

    Open to: Ages 18+

    Card making class

    A social group which meets regularly to create custom-made cards and socialize.

    Leader: Sheliah Landry

    Open to: Ladies 12+

    dude food

    The name says it all. If you are a guy who's spiritual gifting is cooking and/or eating- this group is for you! The group meets regularly (of course) and socialize. In 2017 the group found the best burger in Baton Rouge, who knows what 2019 will hold? 

    Leader: Nathan Henson

    Open to: Guys 18+

    gun club

    If you enjoy shooting, this is the group for you. This group often visits gun ranges to practice shooting and even participates in tactical training together. 

    Leader: Troy Soileau

    Open to: Anyone 18+


    More than just a Sunday school class, Pages is a connect point. In addition to meeting on Sunday mornings to dig into God's word through book study, this group meets periodically outside of class to socialize and have fun together (usually involving food).

    Leader: Jason Cooper

    Open to: Anyone 25-40


    A social group for our established saints which includes great food, non-stop laughs and trips all over the place- there's no telling where they are headed to next!

    Leaders: Tom Laidlaw, Dianne Bowling

    Open to: Anyone 50+

    prayer team

    A  group specifically designed for those gifted in prayer and looking to make an impact in our community through regular, unified prayer.

    Leader: Melanie Tipler

    Open to: Ages 12+

    threads of grace

    A social group which meets regularly to learn the art of sewing, knitting and socializing.

    Leader: Renita Hoskins

    Open to: Ladies 12+