grace steps

The videos below are coupled with student handouts that you can receive from the church office.

The student handouts are to be completed while watching the Grace Steps videos.

Once completed, you will return the handouts to the church office. 

Congratulations on your decision to enter the Grace Steps membership process!

In these classes, we will explore more about the fundamental principles that will map out a path to your best possible future.  Grace Steps will help you learn more about the loving, redemptive, and developmental nature of God.  The process will also uncover strengths and specific advantages that God designed and placed in you.  Once you’ve identified those things, we will assist you in finding a purposeful place to apply them.  Finally, you will learn more about the basic and fundamental beliefs of our church as well as the processes that will guide you into a future of fulfillment. 


We are excited about your interest in growing spiritually!  Thank you for your interest and welcome to Grace Steps.  A future full of promise awaits…